It is always good to have ‘a dram in the hand’.

With over 30 years as a whisky educator, I hope you will come and join me in a dram, or two.

The format is simple. You decide to join me, usually on Zoom, for a couple of hours where we discuss the finest drink in the world. But before our session starts, you will have received a selection, usually ten, wee drams through the post.

Sometimes I focus on the simple and sometimes I add a very very special dram into the mix. You will be taken through a virtual tour of the Scottish lowlands, the highlands and the islands, to learn a little about the geography, the culture and of course the drink.

What makes a particular year special? What makes the difference between a whisky from the lowlands and from the islands? What makes a whisky special? We will drink together and we will discuss these points.

I have a collection of over 300 bottles in my stock, which I draw from. And, I buy rare and vintage bottles at auction, so that my guests can enjoy the finest, and often the expensive!

There are two types of session; a private party, for your guests or for the team that you work with, and an open party where people from around the world can get together for a couple of hours of whisky celebration.

If you would like to book an event that is coming up, please pop over to the ‘events’ page and book a slot. If you would like to know more about a private party, for a celebration, a birthday or a team building, send me an email and we can discuss.

Whisky is really a lovely drink. Please join me to enjoy together.